Bergantino NV412T Bass Cab

“New Vintage” When Old School meets Modern

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Bergantino NV412T ‘New Vintage’ Series 4-12″ & Tweeter Loudspeaker……

Unique in the Bergantino Audio Systems line of speakers are the New Vintage NV series of bass guitar speaker cabinets. The NV series cabinets are sealed (rather than the traditional ported design) which provides the NV cabinets with a tighter and more immediate bass response. The NV412T comes with ‘tilt-back’ casters installed with full-length amp glides on the back to facilitate loading and unloading. All of the NV cabinets have side mounted recessed handles (at the right height to lift these onto any stage), while employing a recessed, top mounted handle system that makes tilting back and rolling it a breeze. The cabinetry on the NV series employ a precision tuned cabinet architecture and the enclosures are built with the finest 100% Baltic birch plywood. The NV412T is covered in traditional tolex for durability (no more carpet fuzz for your cat to claw) and they all employ a rigid black grille to protect the drivers.

The internal components used are extremely high quality and they are of Bergantino design. No ‘off-the-shelf’ parts are used. Woofers have ceramic magnets with vented pole pieces and the low-end on this series of cabinets is full and round. The NV series have remained a favorite of finger style and pick players because of the tight-creamy low end found with these cabinets.

The NV412T utilizes a unique tweeter matched with a custom phase-coherent crossover network that extends the range of this cabinet to 12KhZ. The NV412T has a tweeter level control on the back and turning the tweeter all the way off removes it from the circuit, so if you want the ‘old-school vibe’ – no problem. With the tweeter on, this cabinet can be a slap monster to match high-output demands – with the tweeter off, just great low end and midrange goodness.

The NV412T can easily replace your worn 4-10” or any of the vintage 4×12” cabinets from the 60s/70s – the same sonic character as the old days, but with more attitude, higher power handling and increased clarity and focus.


  • Woofer: 4-12” Ceramic Magnet Woofers w/ Vented Pole Pieces
  • Tweeter: High Intelligibility HD Series Tweeter
  • Cabinet Design: Sealed
  • Cabinet Material: Baltic Birch Plywood
  • Cabinet Covering: Black Tolex
  • Impedance: 4-ohms
  • Power Handling: 800W RMS
  • Crossover: Custom Phase-Coherent Crossover w/ Tweeter Level Control
  • Frequency Response: 45hZ – 12KhZ
  • Sensitivity: 103db @ 2.83v / 1-meter
  • Dimensions: 91cm x 61cm x 38cm (36”H x 24”W x 15”D)
  • Weight: 49 Kg / 108 Lbs
  • Optional Padded Cover

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