Genzler MG350/MG12T/MG12T-V Combo Ext Speaker Rig


A huge saving!!! …Lightweight 22kg in total Bass Rig, Modular, Versatile, Heavyweight Punch and Power 

The NEW “High-Boy” Magellan 350 Combo — featuring the Vertical MG-12T-V, 12″ Cabinet!

GENZLER® AMPLIFICATION is proud to announce the addition of the MG350-MG12-COMBO to our line of compact, high powered bass amplifiers and cabinets.  This new design configures our MG-350 amplifier with our new MG-12T-V, “vertical”, 1 x 12″ and tweeter cabinet, which delivers an extremely small, compact combo rig that delivers big output and tone of a 12″ ported cabinet. This rig delivers 175 watts as the combo and with an additional MG-12T-V extension cabinet puts out 350 watts into this remarkable “high-boy” stack.

This is THE NEXT GENERATION of versatile, compact, high performance bass amplification.

+ 1 x FREE speakon speaker lead.

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Weight 60 kg


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