Sadowsky Onboard Preamp Assembly Harness Kit with Vintage Tone Control

Sadowsky Guitars is pleased to offer the new Sadowsky Onboard Bass Preamp. Completely prewired control assembly offering the same controls and preamp as all Sadowsky Basses.


VTC=Vintage Tone Control (pull up bypasses preamp)

Can be installed with included control plate or transferred to other plate or pickguard. Can be installed through a rear control cavity either 4 in line or diamond pattern. Pickups attach via connectors at pan pot.  Direction of the pan can be easily reversed by switching connectors. Installation requires a side jack and a battery compartment. Sadowsky recommends shielding the control cavity at the time of installation. This system is not compatible with EMG or any other active pickups requiring anything other than a 250K or 500K volume pot.  For these applications, please custom order a parts only preamp kit (unwired) and use your existing volume pot.


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Weight .5 kg


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