Sire Bass 2nd Gen V10 4 ts



2nd Generation – see the new features and upgrades

4 string / Swamp Ash body / Roasted Maple fingerboard & neck / Tobacco Sunburst finish / Abalone block Inlays / Sire gig bag

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Body Material : Swamp Ash + Solid Maple Top + Flamed Veneer

Body Shape : New Marcus Miller Jazz Type

Body Color : Ash Body – NT, TS

Neck Material : 1 Piece Hard Maple(Roasted Maple Neck / Satin Finish)

Neck Shape : C-Shape

Scale : 34”

Neck Joint : 4 Bolt Steel Square Plate 

Fingerboard(Rolled Edges) : Flame Maple

Fingerboard Radius : 9.5″

Frets : 2.4 medium

String Nut : 4 String – Natural Bone 38mm width / 5 String – Natural Bone 46mm width 

Inlay : Abalone Block

Pickups : Marcus Premium-J Revolution Set

Electronics : Marcus Heritage-3 with Middle Frequency Control

Controls : Volume / Tone(Dual Pot) | Pickup Blender | Treble | Middle / Middle Frequency(Dual Pot) | Bass, Mini Toggle(Active / Passive)

Knobs : Modern Black Aluminum

Bridge : Marcus Miller Heavy Mass Standard

Tuning Gear : Premium Open-Gear

Hardware Finish : Chrome

Pickguard : Transparent Pickguard


The top plate of the body is finished with a Solid Maple Top and Flamed Veneer that covers the Ash body. The Solid Maple Top produces a rich, clear, and vibrant tone. In addition, the sharp and luxurious wood pattern of the Flamed Veneer has improved the quality of the design.


The part of the bass where the player’s arms touches the edge of the body is designed with a Curved Top, giving the player more comfort and stability during their performance.


SIRE V10 models come with a transparent pickguard. A transparent pickguard protects the body’s exterior from being obscured, which prevents the body from scratches during performances. The transparent pickguard is provided separately so the player can choose whether they want to mount it or not.


Premium Swamp Ash tonewood is usually found in higher priced instruments. Swamp Ash tonewood is known to produce a well-balanced tone. It is highly resonant and offers a delicate balance of pleasant highs, firm lows, and a slightly scooped midrange which is excellent for slap playing. The characteristics of this would enable players to emulate Marcus Miller’s tone a step further.


Marcus Miller SIRE V10 bass is equipped with the newly designed Marcus Heavy Mass Standard Bridge which was specially developed at the request of Marcus Miller. This bridge has characteristics of a vintage jazz bass but with heavy mass saddles, giving the bass a rich and punchy sound. The new Marcus Heavy Mass Standard Bridge is a string-through body bridge mechanism that allows a tighter, more accurate, and stable tone.


The rear side of the V10’s neck is asymmetrical, different from your typical symmetrical necks. In other words, the top part of the neck is more rounded, while the bottom is slightly slimmer. This will give players a more comfortable feeling in the low string area and allow for a more natural, fluid movement to the high notes. Players will be able to have a more sturdy and relaxed grip.

The V10 was designed with much attention to the neck. Together with the rolled edges and asymmetrical neck structure, players will be able to give their best performance by comfortably being able to play for a longer period of time.

The ROLLED FRETBOARD EDGES will give players a firmer and more natural grasp, compared to the typical fretboards. We were well aware of the difficulties we would face in our ambition to apply the rolled fretboard edges in a mass production factory. Together with the production team, we worked tirelessly to make this theory a reality. This was quite a challenge, almost an impossible mission. We tried making several adjustments to the production process and even introduced a new machine. Since our Sire basses also have bindings, this made it exceptionally challenging, way beyond our imaginations. But eventually, we found the answers, and we are ecstatic to present the Rolled Fretboard Edges in all our 2nd Generation models.


Roasted Flame Maple Neck is a neck manufactured through a special kiln drying process that changes the composition and texture of the wood by heating the wood to a temperature above 300 °C in an oxygen free environment to prevent combustion. The Roasted Flame Maple Neck produced through this special drying process increases the strength, yet it is lighter in weight. After this process, the wood becomes more stable and less susceptible to humidity variations. This gives a similar effect to the wooden structure of a well-managed old vintage instrument which has a sound feature that improves the tone density and increases sustain. In addition, it has a beautiful appearance that looks like it is roasted by fire, giving you a stunning, high quality design.

The fingerboard is also a Roasted Flame Maple Fingerboard. Together with the rugged, dense sound of the Roasted Flame Maple neck, the Maple Fingerboard’s high-frequency range is able to produce a crisp and vivid sound.

EASE OF PLAYABILITY – 1 PIECE HARD MAPLE NECK – The neck is made with one-piece Canadian hard maple. The hardness and strength of the hard maple minimize the movement and stabilizes the neck to maintain its original shape and condition. The one-piece neck also reduces the loss of vibration and maximizes the tone sustainability for a lasting tone.


SIRE’s unique preamp system is a perfect example that represents our technology and philosophy that is integrated into our instruments.With multiple tone controls, players have total command to achieve the perfect tone they desire. The use of 18v batteries enables the player to attain unaltered natural sounds with strong and powerful outputs. With the 3-band EQ, players are able to carry out versatility in sounds that will be suited for all music sessions and performances.   All models are built with the option of both active and passive modes. Even in the passive mode, the volume, tone, and pickup balancer are fully functional, giving the players more control of the tone in any  mode.

All models also come with swappable midrange control options that Marcus Miller advocates as a must-have option. The middle frequency control knob allows the players to set the sound frequency to anywhere between 80Hz~2,000Hz. This option will be convenient when trying to find the desired sound.


The inlay of the fingerboard is made with natural mother-of-pearl block. We have achieved premium quality design quality by applying natural mother-of-pearl inlays, which is mainly applied to high-priced guitars.

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