ACCESS Bags and Cases with their subsidiary Harvest Fine Leather Straps is one of the industry’s leading OEM/ODM manufacturers. They have designed and supplied products to some of the industries premier brands, including Taylor Guitars, Yamaha Guitars, Yamaha Pro Audio, JBL, KORG, VOX, Marshall, Roland, Larrivee, Breedlove, Deering, Fender, Gibson, Line 6, Peavey, Kawai, Atlas Sound, Whirlwind, Tom Anderson Guitarworks, Sadowsky Guitars and Costco.

Well known for their cutting edge designs, premium-grade materials and a higher calibre of workmanship.

The ACCESS Advantage:


ACCESS pioneered the Hybrid Bag concept in 2004. Hybrid bags incorporate solid polymer panels between layers of foam, providing greater rigidity and a penetration barrier. ACCESS Stage Three hybrid bags are the best of both worlds—they combine the superior shock absorption of heavily padded bags with the solid hard shell protection of cases.


ACCESS incorporates HardCell™ high-density closed cell foam in all of their bags. HardCell out performs more commonly used open cell ‘sponge’ foams by every measure: shock absorption, thermal insulation and resistance to impact, puncture and moisture. HardCell foam also gives ACCESS bags a more rigid, structured form. That’s why they call them ‘Hard Bags’.

ACCESS utilizes purpose-built plywood in all of its Stage Series hardshell cases. Wood laminates and adhesives are chosen for the maximum strength-to-weight ratio. Their OEM volume allow them to custom order all of the materials used in their bags and cases. Every component, from adhesives, hardware, vinyl covering, fabrics, zippers to thread, are made-to-order to meet their own high standard of quality


Other bag and case suppliers broker their production to various factories controlled by Asian trading companies. ACCESS’ OEM volume allows us to exclusively partner with factories for all of their manufacturing output. Centralized production yields an experienced, highly skilled workforce that consistently produces higher quality goods.