Since the 1990s Dingwall’s handmade professional basses from Canada, through their master luthier Sheldon Dingwall who is highly respected across the world, have been at the forefront of custom bass design and are the leading users of “fan fret” technology, now considered to be the one of the best ways of getting an improved low B sound from a bass guitar. By having a shorter length of scale for the higher strings and a longer scale for the lower strings you get a more even string tension and thus a tighter, more even and balanced overall sound across all strings.

Dingwall’s cutting edge designs and progressive ideas combined with world class workmanship and build are the reason why since the 1990s a growing number of bass players across the globe are switching to the Novax fan fret system adopted by Dingwall. The attention to detail on Dingwall bass guitars is amongst the class leaders and the overall designs are stunning and exciting.

For more detailed specifications go to this link – Dingwall Specifications

Overview of the different models available:

Combustion Series

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The Combustion is a break-through in terms of performance per dollar. By combining North American sourced materials including in-house Dingwall pickups, EMG preamp, and components with Chinese manufacturing they now offer much of the Dingwall tone and performance advantages at an extremely affordable price. Final setup and inspection is done in the Dingwall shop in Canada so you know the basses will play great right out of the box. The Combustion now also includes the very popular Nolly Getgood NG-2 Signature model which is an amazing value instrument featuring the Darkglass 3 band preamp as customised for Nolly himself. 

Afterburner Series


Afterburner I: With the ABI they set out to create the ultimate passive bass. It’s lightweight and perfectly balanced. On stage or in the studio, perfect tone is as simple as plugging in and playing.


Afterburner II: The ABII is the flagship of the Afterburner line. It features a semi-hollow (chambered) walnut body with an exhibition grade exotic wood top, exotic wood neck and a Glockenklang 2 band pre-amp. The tone is rich and full with an acoustic-like “air” to the note.


ABZ: The ABZ features a satin finished swamp ash body with a maple neck and fingerboard. Its passive electronics nail the traditional ash/maple tone and then some. It’s also the lightest weight of the entire Dingwall line.

Super P Series


This is one of their more exciting basses. The Super P through the combination of classic woods and finishes comes with a very broad range of tones and the craftsmanship is simply exceptional.

Super J Series


The Super J is Dingwall’s interpretation of the Classic J style bass. They deconstructed the original design, kept what worked and improved on everything else. The look and feel lean toward the traditional, but the tone and performance are everything you’d expect from a Dingwall. They downsized the scale 2” from their standard scale range for a faster attack and quicker, punchier decay. The results are great clarity on the B and E-strings with a big and warm quality to the D and G-strings.

Z Series


Z1: Here they set out to capture the best qualities of the classic swamp ash tone. They p laced the pickups in the same relative positions as traditional designs (60s location) so that even though the Z Series basses speak with greater power, clarity and punch, they still have a familiarity to the tone that fits perfectly with any genre of music. The streamlined neck and body shape result in ergonomic perfection.


Z2: The Z2 is designed to capture the best qualities of the classic single humbucker tone. Then they increased the versatility by using two independent pickups mounted in a humbucker style array, i.e.  clustered pick-ups in 70’s style bridge humbucker position . The tone captures the classic mid-range and bottom end of the original but with a much more refined top-end and useful range of tones. The streamlined neck and body shape result in ergonomic perfection. 


Z3: Here is a bass that can literally do it all. Dingwall combined the Z1 and Z2 pickup layouts with a simple and intuitive switching system resulting in an astounding range of tones that can cover any musical genre with ease. The streamlined neck and body shape result in ergonomic perfection.

Lee Sklar Signature Model


Dingwall has been building basses for Lee for over 10 years. Leland Sklar is one of the most recorded bassists in history and regarded by many as the “King of Tone & Taste”. Dingwalls have become his main touring basses and one of his most used recording basses. For his signature model Dingwall combined his favourite features and woods to create a bass with a unique voice that is both powerful and clear. They selected finishes to reflect Lee’s love of Hot Rods. If they were to choose one word to describe the Lee Sklar signature model it would be “Stunning!”