Since the 1990s Dingwall’s handmade professional basses from Canada, through their master luthier Sheldon Dingwall who is highly respected across the world, have been at the forefront of custom bass design and are the leading users of “fan fret” technology, now considered to be the one of the best ways of getting an improved low B sound from a bass guitar. By having a shorter length of scale for the higher strings and a longer scale for the lower strings you get a more even string tension and thus a tighter, more even and balanced overall sound across all strings.

Dingwall’s cutting edge designs and progressive ideas combined with world class workmanship and build are the reason why since the 1990s a growing number of bass players across the globe are switching to the Novax fan fret system adopted by Dingwall. The attention to detail on Dingwall bass guitars is amongst the class leaders and the overall designs are stunning and exciting.

For more detailed specifications go to this link – Dingwall Specifications