Dingwall Bass NG3 4 mcb Free Shipping


DINGWALL NG3 “Nolly Getgood” Signature – 4 string bass, “Matte Celestial Blue” Finish

Maple fingerboard,  alder body, Darkglass 3-band preamp with Active/Passive switch – Bass, Mid, Treble, 3 x Dingwall FD-3n pickups, rotary pickup selector, Dingwall h/duty gig bag.

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Dingwall Combustion NG3 – 4 String

The Dingwall NG2 was the bass originally designed for Adam “Nolly” Get good from the band Periphery and now is available in a 3 x pickup configuration as the NG3 for an extended range in sounds. Thanks to the Fanned fret, multi-string scale design, you get amazing definition, consistent tone and string tension across all strings, and a punch an tightness to your sound which will take your performance to the next level. Incredible bell like piano tone, that sustains for days. It is hard to find a bass in this price range that offers so much, including the powerful and dynamic Darkglass 3 Band preamp and a very comfortable and fast profile maple neck. This bass has a stunning presence when played fingerstyle and kills with a pick. A very modern instrument but versatile and flexible at the same time. 


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