Germany’s Glockenklang began building high-quality PA and hi-fi equipment in 1974; the small company entered the bass-amp business in ’88. “Glockenklang” translates loosely to “bell sound”, which represents their amps’ clarity. Many high-end bass builders use Glocks as a reference standard because they reveal an instrument’s nuances and character in microscopic detail. Luthiers often set the Glock’s tone controls nearly flat or bypass them completely to hear a bass’s pure sound.

Today Glockenklang is Germany’s finest for Bass Amplification and Speakers and is truly WORLD CLASS.

In today’s trend to make everything bigger, faster or flashier, the team at Glockenklang give thought to the concept of making things simply ‘better’. They believe that too many times very important aspects in Bass Amplification just simply get overlooked. They focus their thinking in terms like ‘fidelity’, ‘life’, ‘airy’, and ‘precise’. Cultivating such qualities is darn difficult and technically challenging for most, but Glockenklang have proven that it is not impossible.

Glockenklang products are worth every bit of their price. One notices this from the first tone, which is unforgettable.