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The Glockenklang Blue Sky Amp Head…..

Is the most recent D class addition to their amp heads. Like all other Glockenklang amps, it features a warm and dynamic sound up to full power.

The tone floats about the room, it pounces on you with precision, and ease, dynamically correct. You wanted this all your life, but have never heard it before. Notes, chords are audible in all their finest detail. PURE and RICH. It’s not just the deep, clear bass, but rather the entire tonal spectrum with all it’s nuances. Everything you can create with your instrument.

Two switchable inputs, Class A input stage, on-switchable 4-band eq including a semi-parametric eq, switchable effects-loop, mp3-player input, symmetrical, adjustable DI-out, tuner out and phones output are the main features.19″ rack-ears are included.

 **NOTE: Switchable from 4 ohms to 2.67 ohms by internal Dip switch for more speaker configuration flexibility.

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 40 × 43 × 13 cm


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