DNA was formed in 2010 by one of the most highly regarded designers of bass amplification/speaker systems, David Nordschow (known to many musicians as David Eden from Eden Electronics). For decades, his designs have set the world touring standard for those who demand uncompromising sound and durability. His passion and priority is to go back to the smaller high-end boutique setup where again, he will be more hands on and involved throughout the whole manufacturing process ensuring a high standard in quality control, consistent performance, and customer support when it is required. 
Dave Nordschow Amplification is the latest offerings from this legendary amp & cabinet designer. He has described his cabs as accurate but full sounding, and powerful. This is also backed up with his DNA 1350 bass amplifier. 
If you’re looking for amazing bass tone, performance which will be hard to ignore, and trend setting features, then DNA should be one of the first brands worth checking out.