Rob Elrick debut his company in 1993. Since then Elrick still remains a “one man shop”. One of just a few true boutique manufacturers that still hand carves his USA built basses.

Elrick currently produce three series of basses: Expat Series, Gold basses, and Platinum Series.

The Expat Series are made by the finest manufacturer of musical instruments in Europe. Rob Elrick hand selects and supplies most of the wood, and the materials that are used in the manufacture of the Expat Series. The same U.S. made Hipshot hardware and Bartolini pickups / electronics used on U.S. Elrick basses are in the Expat basses. The Expat’s final manufacture, assembly and setup is sent back and done at the Elrick shop in Chicago. The Expat series also includes the Expat NJS which will satisfy those customers who want a more traditional look and feel.

The Elrick Gold Series basses and Elrick Platinum Series basses are the USA models which are totally hand carved by Rob Elrick at his shop in Chicago, U.S.A. All models are lightweight, well balanced, offer a wide sonic range and exceptional playability.