Roscoe Basses are one of the most beautiful hand crafted basses in the world which come with a tone to match. Roscoes offer a phenomenal range of great tones on tap, which are undeniable and powerful. They make one of the best 5 & 6 string basses available today and are known world wide for their legendary KILLER “B” string – you really need to try one for yourself! 

Also backed up with notable endorsers and players who are well regarded bass players across the world such as Jimmy Haslip of the Yellowjackets and Keith Horne.

They offer a Bass line-up to suit all budgets and players.

Firstly, their base entry models the Roscoe Standard and then the Standard Plus. These all are hand built in the same workshop by the same team who build the more expensive Custom and Signature models. They use the same material and construction process only difference the Standard and Standard Plus offer a limited number of options.

For a bigger range in options and custom features Roscoe have the Custom and Signature models. One of the features that sets these instruments apart from their Standard basses is the 3 piece Maple / Purpleheart / Maple neck on the Customs, or the 5 piece Maple / Purpleheart / Maple Wedge neck on the Signature model.

The entire Roscoe bass range is 100% hand-built in the USA by Keith Roscoe and his small team of skilled luthiers. Only the finest materials are used on every instrument, giving each bass a unique characteristic and voice. They will build for you 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 string electric bass guitars entirely by hand and entirely in their own factory. Unlike many builders of fine handmade instruments, none of their manufacturing is sent out. Even their fine high-gloss and hand rubbed oil finishes are applied by themselves. Raw lumber comes in and finished instruments go out.