Dingwall Bass NG3 4 gma Free Shipping

DINGWALL NG3 “Nolly Getgood” Signature – 4 string bass, “Gloss Metalflake Aqua” Finish

Maple fingerboard,  alder body, Darkglass 3-band preamp with Active/Passive switch – Bass, Mid, Treble, 3 x Dingwall FD-3n pickups, rotary pickup selector, Dingwall gig bag.

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Dingwall Combustion NG3 – 4 String: (upgrade from the original NG2)

The Dingwall NG2 was the bass originally designed for Adam “Nolly” Get good from the band Periphery and now is available in a 3 x pickup configuration as the NG3 for an extended range in sounds. Thanks to the Fanned fret, multi-string scale design, you get amazing definition, consistent tone and string tension across all strings, and a punch an tightness to your sound which will take your performance to the next level. Incredible bell like piano tone, and amazing sustain that normally is associated with neck thru instruments. It is hard to find a bass in this price range that offers so much, including the powerful and dynamic Darkglass 3 Band preamp and a very comfortable and fast profile maple neck.  This bass has a stunning presence when played fingerstyle and kills with a pick. A very modern instrument but versatile and flexible at the same time. 


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