Genzler Bass Array 410-3 Speaker Cab

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Re-Defining The Players Experience

The BA410-3 is an extremely compact and lightweight 25Kg (55 lbs) 1000 watt, 4 ohm cabinet, and is ideal for those players that need the highest powered, most dynamic performance in a single, compact cabinet design. 

Optional Padded Cover Available.



GENZLER® AMPLIFICATION announces the addition of a new, compact, high-powered, 4 x 10” model to their revolutionary Bass Array cabinet line-up.  The BA410-3 is loaded with 10 separate cone drivers and is simply the most compact, powerful, detailed and articulate presentation of the BA concept in a single enclosure.

Although, smaller than most 4 x 10” and tweeter cabinets, this innovative design blends the punch and quickness of four premium Neodymium 10” drivers, in a vented bass reflex enclosure, and the performance and pattern control of a 6 x 3” Neodymium paper cone driver line array element.  The placement of the line array in front, and between the 10” woofers further provides an extremely broad projection pattern, immediate quickness and clarity that is not possible with standard 4×10” designs.  Also due to line array principals the all-important mid and high frequencies have a much wider horizontal dispersion with a more controlled vertical pattern. This offers the most even projection possible around the perimeter of the stage and audience.

The transition of lows, mids and highs are extremely smooth, seamless and detailed; and the force and clarity of this cabinet makes it ideal for large stages and venues.

The benefits of this design platform are exponential for the player:

  • Delivering full, deep, low frequency response from the high efficiency 4 x 10” woofers — doing what they do best, providing excellent support of the fundamental for the lower strings of the instrument.
  • Using a selective crossover point this design overcomes the “beaming” (pattern narrowing) effects of a full range signal being reproduced by larger low frequency drivers which is common in many current small cabinet designs.
  • Lowering midrange and high frequency distortion by allowing the use of small, 3” high performance cone transducers that would otherwise be unsuitable without the increased acoustic sensitivity obtained by the array design.
  • Providing a much more open, smoother midrange and high frequency response because of the ideal natural characteristics of the mid-high frequency array when compared to a conventional tweeter that cannot reproduce the crucial midrange frequencies without pattern control or un-natural distortion.

Features and Specifications include:
– Neodymium Cast Frame 10” Woofer
– 6 x 3” Neodymium Paper Cone Speakers in a Separate Line Array Format
– Premium Light Plywood Construction
– Side-Mounted Recessed Bar Handle
– Both Speakon and ¼” Jacks
– 1,000 Watts / 4 Ohms
– Freq. Response: 40 – 15K Hz
– Sensitivity: 103 dB,  1w/1m
– Dimensions:  60cmH x 58cmW x 46cmD / 23.75”H x 23”W x 18”D
– Light-weight: 25Kg / 55 LBS

Additional information

Weight 60 kg

1 review for Genzler Bass Array 410-3 Speaker Cab

  1. Neil

    An absolute powerhouse of a cab.Tight,punchy,articulate bottom end (definate “weight” to the notes).
    Very smooth and balanced mid and treble response,not harsh & shrill like a tweeter can be.
    Unbelievable volume levels from such a compact cab…and it’s light too!
    Ive always steered clear of neo cabs due to their lack of decent bottom end response and a slight “hollow” sound (to my ears).The BA410-3 has NONE of these issues and is the fullest,tightest most resonsive neo cab i have ever heard (the “Faital Pro” speakers are absolutely BRILLIANT-A1).
    I run the Magellan 800 with this cab and F*#%$ me…it’s an absolute MONSTER…Definately an option for those requiring a powerful,single cab solution that will suit a wide variety of playing environments/situations.
    I love the look of the cab and the workmanship/quality is very good..a clean,neat,tidy package that kicks HUGE ass : ) HIGHLY recommended.

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