R Cocco Bass Guitar Strings 4-Stainless


Choose from the following 4 String Stainless Steels sets: (email for discount bulk orders)

RC4C  – 40 60 75 95

RC4D – 40 60 80 100

RC4F – 45 65 80 100

RC4G – 45 65 85 105

FAT PAK – 44 62 85 110


In the ambitious quest to create the ultimate quality, Richard Cocco made the ultimate technological discovery in the string industry, the “HUMAN HAND” to enhance this discovery, he designed and built unique machines that can fully utilize the natural talent and sensitivity of the human hand. Richard Cocco Strings® are the result and expression of this combination, the furthest accomplishment of quality and performance.

Richard Cocco Strings are universally acclaimed by musicians for the perfection and purity of the sound, which they produce. The dedication to quality is heard in each set of hand woven and inspected strings. Today, these strings are sold in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia and sales are expanding every year. In keeping with this very rich tradition, they intend to stay ahead of the rest…to improve the best even though they already make the best!  From their hands to yours.

Additional information

Weight .25 kg
String Gauge

RC4C 40-95, RC4D 40-100, RC4F 45-100, RC4G 45-105, FATPAK 44-110


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