Sadowsky Metro Bass M5-24 nat

24 Fret Modern

Natural finish, Maple fingerboard,  Ash body,

Sadowsky preamp with VTC (vintage tone control), Sadowsky soapbar pickups,

Sadowsky gig bag.    

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The Modern Sadowsky is a very comfortable and extremely playable bass. What you get is a very bright and vibrant instrument which resonates very clearly with good definition, offering a wide range of useable tones, with a tight and strong B string which is helped with the Sadowsky soapbar pickups and the location which is closer towards the bridge.

A very throaty, hyper-modern sounding bass, which can be easily tamed with the very useful VTC (vintage tone control). No matter what style of playing this bass will perform and impress and will appeal to those looking for powerful, modern right through to vintage tones.

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Weight 11 kg


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