Sadowsky MetroLine Bass Hybrid PJ 5 Ash vb

SOLD – Sadowsky MetroLine 21-Fret Hybrid P/J Bass, Swamp Ash Body, 5-String – Vintage Sunburst High Polish

Best of both worlds, 2 classic basses in the one package, very versatile work horse live on stage or in the studio, from classic P tones to the tight “burpy” bridge pickup tones for finger style funk playing. This bass has it all covered!

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Roger Sadowsky has made it his business to improve an already very successful bass design even further by making a number of detail improvements. Together with the electronics he developed, he managed to raise the well-known P / J bass sound to a new level, so that today one can speak of a typical Sadowsky tone: never sounding harsh, with deep, defined, by no means muffled bass, present but not intrusive mids as well as sweet and airy highs. All the features of this modern bass sound can also be found in the 21-Fret Hybrid P / J basses of the MetroLine series, which are manufactured exclusively in Germany. Special features of the P / J hybrid basses of this series are the active electronics with true bypass of the preamp with vintage tone control, treble and bass boost, the ultra-light hipshot tuning machines and the special Sadowsky bridge, which enables a quick string change. The five-string bass with a classic P-style body made of alder comes in a high-gloss Vintage Burst Transparent High Polish finish.

The construction and quality of these German built Sadowskys, is of the highest standard which is what makes the Sadowsky Metros world class and Roger Sadowsky wouldn’t have it any other way.

As a Modern Super Precision / Jazz bass , best of 2 classic instruments in the one package.., it doesn’t get more versatile than that. Plenty of punch, cut and snap, you’ll never be lost in the mix with a Sadowsky.


  • Sadowsky MetroLine 21-Fret Hybrid P / J Bass
  • Right-handed version
  • 5-string electric bass
  • 34 “(864 mm) scale length
  • neck bolt-on 
  • American swamp ash body
  • Maple neck
  • Maple fingerboard
  • 12 “fretboard radius
  • 47.5 mm nut width
  • passive Sadowsky P/J hum cancel pickup
  • Active-Passive Sadowsky 2-band preamp (bass and treble boost) with Vintage Tone Control (VTC)
  • Volume / Balance / Vintage Tone Control (push/pull active-passive) / Treble and Bass controls (stacked)
  • Sadowsky S-Security strap locks
  • Sadowsky bridge with quick release for the strings
  • Chrome hardware
  • Strung with 045 – 130 Sadowsky Blue Label strings
  • Vintage Burst Transparent High Polish Finish
  • Tortoise pickguard
  • Incl. Allen key setting set and individual certificate of authenticity
  • Incl.Sadowsky Portabag (SAC BAG BASS PORTA)
  • Made in Germany


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