Sadowsky Metro Bass UV70 5 59B

SOLD – Sadowsky Metro UV70RW Ultra Vintage 5

59 Burst finish, Rosewood (Pau Ferro) fingerboard,  Ash body – full size 70’s, White Block Inlays and Neck Binding

Sadowsky preamp with VTC (vintage tone control), Sadowsky J/J Hum Cancelling pickups in 70’s location,

Sadowsky ultralight semi-hard case.

Email  or call 0422 499 556 for Deals and more details


The Sadowsky UV70 is Sadowsky’s Ultra Vintage 70’s series bass. It comes with a full size 70’s jazz body, neck binding and block inlays for that 70’s  classic look and feel and the pickups are in the 70’s location which means the bridge pickup is 12mm (1/2″) closer towards the bridge which gives you that classic, mid focused, aggressive 70’s sound. 

Construction and quality of the highest standard which is what makes the Sadowsky Metros world class.

As a Modern Super Jazz bass it doesn’t get better. Plenty of punch, cut and snap, you’ll never be lost in the mix with a Sadowsky. Tight and well balanced B string with great definition.

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Weight 11 kg


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