Sadowsky Vintage Tone Control (VTC) RetroFit Kit


The Sadowsky Vintage Tone Control (VTC) Retrofit Kit is the perfect upgrade for the Metro Express models that don’t have the VTC control and older Sadowsky models without the tone control and stacked potentiometer for treble and bass. The VTC Retrofit Kit includes a tandem potentiometer for treble and bass, a push/pull potentiometer for the passive tone control and all necessary assembly parts. The VTC control is passive, the maximum setting is a flat EQ. The further you turn the control down, the more the high end in the signal will be attenuated. PDF Installation Instructions

  • Vintage Tone Control (VTC) retrofit kit for basses without the tone control
  • Extends the existing electronics with a VTC control
  • Combines the controls for treble and bass in a tandem potentiometer
  • Set includes 1x tandem potentiometer for treble and bass, 1x VTC potentiometer (push/pull), stacked potentiometer knobs, connection cables, capacitors

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