B|Amp Bluetooth Footswitch Version 1


(For use with B|Amp only) The Bergantino Audio BTFS footswitch includes the following important design features:

  • Bluetooth-equipped dual foot pedal for your Bergantino Audio B|Amp
  • Switches between the Mem1, Mem2, Mem3 presets and the mute on the B|Amp
  • Membrane touch foot switches for fast and quiet response
  • Thin profile – less than .7” (18mm) tall with anti-skid control on the base
  • Anti-skid base keeps the footswitch in place
  • Lithium ion (CR2032) battery provides 6-12 months of use
  • Second spare battery included in battery compartment
  • LED’s signal low battery and Bluetooth connection status
  • Bluetooth 4.0 low energy radio Transmit power: +0 dBm TX peak current: 18.2 mA Frequency
  • 2.402GHz to 2480GHz Approximate Range: 33 feet (10 Meters) – sub. to orientation and other factors


B|Amp Bluetooth Wireless Footswitch for B|Amp Bass Amplifier-

The bluetooth wireless footswitch for the Bergantino Audio B|Amp allows you to switch between either the Mem1 or Mem2 settings on your B|Amp, expands your B|Amp with a third memory location and allows you enter the ‘mute’ function (and engage the tuner) all from the footswitch. All you need to do is plug the included USB dongle into your B|Amp USB port, turn on the footswitch and you are ready to go! No more cables or power supplies needed to switch between your favorite presets in your B|Amp. 

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