Bergantino Padded Cab Covers


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Bergantino Bass Speaker Cabinet Padded Covers.

The durable, Premium Padded, Tear-Resistant, Abrasion Resistant fabric takes the abuse, not your equipment.

Water-Repellent; Keeps the rain, and unwanted spills off your gear

Great for Transport and Storage

Black w/ Green & White Model Stitching

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 42 × 61 × 21 cm

CN112, CN210, CN410, CN212, HD112, HD210, HD410, HD212, NV115, NV610/412, HDN112, HDN210, HDN212, HDN410, HG410X, REF112, REF115, ENXT/NXT112, NXT210, NXT212, NXV112, NXV210, NXV212, NXV410


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