Bergantino REF115 II Series Bass Speaker Cab


Who doesn’t love a big, luscious and warm 115?…..and at just 20 Kg!

Well after hearing many requests we decided to bring back the original HT115….but with a twist!!

Introducing, the all-new Reference II Series 115.  We’ve taken everything we loved about our previous offering, shaved some weight and added some whoop-a$$.  The new Reference II Series 115 oozes warmth, dimension and “that tone”.  With our proprietary “Speaker-file” curves, it can be made to sound full range and modern or vintage but never sterile, dry or vanilla.  Combined with another REFII 115 harkens back to pant-flapping days of yore. Add a REFII 112 for a modular rig that sonically melds and is made to work together tackling any gigging situation.

  • Uncompromising performance at any volume but at a manageable size and weight.
  • a new take on bass tone that harkens back to those stadium shaking, pant-flapping days.
  • Optional Bergantino padded cover available


Main Features

  • Lighter weight solution utilizing class leading ceramic technology drivers
  • Italian Poplar plywood and Baltic Birch ported cabinetry
  • Durable Bronco Tolex covering- for long life and cabinet protection
  • Hard-wearing grill cloth with metal cabinet corners

Bergantino Reference II Series 115, 1-15″ Bass Guitar Loudspeaker…………

With a new look and still utilizing ceramic magnets, the Reference II Series epitomizes the technology that bass tone was built on for more than half a century.

To help these new cabinets enjoy the highest ratio of “pound” per pound without compromising the tone and performance of ceramic-based speakers, we utilized a lighter weight, poplar ply shell while maintaining our Baltic Birch baffle for an unyieldingly solid bass tone with prodigious amount of presence and warmth in the low end.

If you’re a player that just can’t do without the ceramic feel and tone, but demand modern ergonomics and no compromise, the all new Reference II Series from Bergantino is for you…sometimes moving forward means looking back!

The newly redesigned Bergantino Reference II Series continues as the benchmark for high-quality bass guitar amplification. This newly released Reference II series employs precision tuned cabinets, built with the finest 100% Baltic birch and light weight plywood, and are covered in a rugged tolex finish for pleasing aesthetics and long-term durability. They also employ a classy cloth grill to give these Reference cabs a new and classic look.

The internal components utilize high quality, custom designed woofers along with a superlative sounding compression driver mated to a constant directivity horn. The constant directivity horn ensures consistent coverage throughout the audio spectrum, and a custom designed, phase coherent crossover seamlessly mates these components throughout the critical crossover region. Reference series woofers utilize ceramic magnets w/ vented pole pieces and the low-end is full and round. Along with their high power handling capability, the Reference II Series are a very versatile speaker cabinet; excelling at both finger style and pick playing, and due to their tight-creamy low end are an excellent choice for slap-style as well. Bergantino’s Reference II Series cabinets produce an accurate, full-bodied and authentic representation of your bass guitar in both live and studio settings.


  • Woofer: 1-15” Ceramic Magnet Woofer w/ Vented Pole Pieces
  • Cabinet Design: Ported
  • Cabinet Material: Baltic Birch Baffle, Light Weight Plywood Shell
  • Cabinet Covering: Black Tolex
  • Impedance: 8-ohms
  • Power Handling: 400W RMS
  • Frequency Response: 40hZ – 3.5KhZ
  • Sensitivity: 100db @ 2.83v / 1-meter
  • Dimensions: 58cm x H x 47cm x W x 46cm D
  • Weight: 20 Kg / 46 Lbs.

Additional information

Weight 53 kg


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