A Light, Compact 1×12″ – 2 x HF Tweeters, Bass Speaker Cab 


  • Size: 43cm(17″)H x 43cm(17″)W x 32cm(12.75″)D
  • Weight: 12.7 Kg / 28 lbs
  • Response: 43Hz to 18KHz
  • Impedance: 8 ohm
  • Power Handling: 500 Watts
  • Sensitivity: 100dB 1″ @1m
  • Sound Pressure Level: 127dB @ 1M
  • Woofers: 1 12″ Neodymium Driver with a 3″ voice coil Audio
  • Hi Frequency Drivers: Dual 1″ Neodymium Driver with Ferrofluid Cooling, level control
  • Connection: two Speakon jacks

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EA Euphonic Audio NL112 Bass Speaker Cabinet………..

This new cabinet is something special! It’s been a while since EA has gone with a true “hi-fi” design. While their Wizzy cabinets sound fantastic and have been very successful, EA’s wizzer cone designs gave them a voicing (a pleasing one) on their top end, where they rolled off quite a bit more than a cabinet with a tweeter does. The Wizzys were a bit of a departure from EA’s past designs, like the CXL 112 and the current NL 210, which were designed to be very hi-fi, clean and accurate.

With this new cabinet – they designed it with TWO tweeters, and they’re arranged in the center of the cabinet (in front of the woofer), so the sound is cohesive throughout its wide sound response. Walking around the room, you will notice that the tone stays accurate, clear, and full no matter what position in the room you’re hearing it from.

Running the new higher-power Doubler mkII through this cabinet, it has a full-bodied sound up and down the neck of you’re Double or Electric bass with a consistent tone. The upright sounds like an upright, and the electric sounds like an electric without too much messing around with the EQ to find your “sweet spot”. 

Especially pleasing is the new design aesthetic. The brown Tolex with the gold and brown grill cloth is really sleek and classy, and has a look that you’d expect for a double bass player’s stage rig – not exactly a vintage vibe, but not overly modern. 

This compact cab makes an ideal companion to the Doubler and Micro amps from EA (see links in related products below).

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Weight 32 kg


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