Sadowsky Metro Bass RV5 dcb

SOLD – Dark Cherry Burst finish,

Rosewood (pau ferro) fingerboard,  Alder body,

Sadowsky preamp with VTC (vintage tone control),

Sadowsky J/J Hum Cancel pickups,

Sadowsky soft / hard case included.

Email for pricing and availability.


The Sadowsky RV5 is Sadowsky’s take on the traditional-classic meets modern Super Jazz bass. With flawless construction and the use of high quality materials, hardware and electronics the Sadowsky Metro series takes the Fender Jazz style bass to the next level.

Strong but tight, and fat, punchy lows, with a well defined B string, mids that are growly but warm at the same time, and a smooth, sweet response in the highs.

This bass will suit Funk, RnB, Rock, Jazz, Blues pretty much everything. It is a Slapper’s delight but, with some slight panning towards the bridge pickup you get a very fast, responsive finger funk tone which stays very full and detailed. An excellent all round working bass!

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Weight 11 kg


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