Over the years Jim Bergantino’s speaker designs have been used by several well known manufacturers. Played side by side with some of these cabs, many players have preferred the BERGANTINOS ! According to Jim “You’ll hear the difference in 3 notes”

Bergantino Audio Systems has been dedicated to developing and building the highest quality audio products and bass guitar amplification systems for 14 years. They have received numerous accolades within the musical instrument industry and continue to look forward with their designs and their unique approach to developing products.

Their product range comes in the following 4 series:


The High-Definition series speakers use the finest ceramic magnet drivers available and employ precision tuned ported cabinets made of 100% Baltic birch plywood. These cabinets produce an accurate, full-bodied and authentic representation of your bass guitar in live and studio settings.


The CN series speakers are extremely lightweight utilizing the highest quality neodymium woofers. The ported cabinetry is a combination of lightweight poplar and birch plywood. These lightweight speaker cabinets have a punchy low-end and a very sweet midrange that is placed forward in the sound field.


NV Series speakers use 100% Baltic birch precision tuned plywood sealed cabinets and the finest ceramic magnet drivers with vented pole pieces. This combination provides a tight low-end and immediate bass response. These are a favourite of finger style and pick players because of the tight, creamy low-end found with these cabinets.


The Bergantino Audio Systems’ B|Amp is an incredibly flexible, state-of-the-art Bass Amplifier, delivering maximum performance in a compact package. The B|Amp takes a completely new approach to bass amplification by considering and including the speaker cabinet’s response as part of the amplification signal path.